Embark on a transformative ten-week journey into the heart of Hindustani vocal music with our comprehensive Diploma Performing Arts course. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and intricate techniques of one of India's most esteemed musical forms under the guidance of experienced lecturers. This program is meticulously crafted to provide students with a robust foundation in the fundamentals of voice modulation, pitch control, and rhythm synchronization. Engage in rigorous practice sessions to master the nuances of ragas and the emotive storytelling of this classical genre. Through personalized attention, you will advance from understanding basic concepts to performing complex compositions with confidence.

Delve into the cultural significance of Hindustani music as you explore its historical origins, evolution, and current context in an interactive and supportive learning environment. Gain hands-on experience with traditional compositions while also experimenting with contemporary adaptations. Enhance your theoretical knowledge with musicology classes that cover topics such as notation systems, scales, and the role of music in society. Collaborative workshops with fellow vocalists and instrumentalists will facilitate your growth as a versatile performer adept at ensemble work.

The curriculum is complemented by guest lectures and demonstrations from visiting artists, broadening your perspectives and offering insight into the life of a professional musician. Additional modules on physical and vocal health equip you with techniques to maintain your voice and overall well-being amidst the demands of performance. Regular assessments and opportunities to perform in informal settings build your confidence, while a culminating recital offers a platform to showcase your newly honed skills.

Learning Outcomes

  •       Explain terms and key concepts of vocal music through improvisation, creation, and performance.
  •      Render melodic delineation, ornamentations (alankaar), and embellishments of the melodic forms     (Raag Todi)
  •                 Notate compositions with appropriate tala-s
  •                Sing compositions in prescribed ragas in tune and rhythm.

Module Facilitator

Mr. Suteekshan Sharma Mungroo





Module Outline:


This module aims at providing learners with knowledge of the various types of improvisations (Alaap, Jod Alaap, Tanas and Jhala) in Indian Music in General and Sitar playing in particular. Learners will be equipped with appropriate skills and provided with knowledge to be able to give a full Classical Sitar recital. The salient features of Ragas Gujri Todi, Ahir Bhairav, Kirvani will also going to be dealt with in this module along with the application of the Improvisations learnt, when rendering the Ragas prescribed.  Learners will also study Maseetkhani and Razakhani gats in the Ragas prescribed along with a semi-classical composition/Dhun in any Raga and Taal.

Learning objectives 

The learners in this course are expected to be able to:

      Explain the concept and types of improvisations.

      Render the improvisations learnt practically.

      Play compositions (Maseetkhani and Razakhani gats) in the Ragas prescribed with improvisations.

      Perform a Classical Sitar recital, implementing all improvisations learnt, in any one of the Ragas prescribed.

      Play a semi-classical composition/Dhun in any Raga, as a concluding item during the Classical Sitar recital.


Assessment Scheme

  • Formative Assessment: 40% (Synchronous & Asynchronous) (F2F/LMS Enabled Assessments)
  • Summative Assessment: 60%


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Course Facilitator

Arvind Charma Bhujun

Email Address: arvind.bhujun@mgirti.ac.muarvindbhujun@mgi.ac.mu