COL-Mauritius HEC 5-Day Workshop on Developing Blended Learning Courses


Workshop Outcomes:

After participating in the workshop, participants will be able to:

· Design a blended learning course

· Explore Moodle LMS functionality

· Assess students’ performance using Moodle assignment (individual and group assignments)

· Generate a question paper for summative assessment using Moodle quiz module

· Find OER in multiple media

· Convert OER into engaging and interactive H5P content using Lumi desktop app

· Assign H5P activities for self- / instructor assessment

· Create student engagement activities using Moodle forum, glossary and choice modules

· Self-record course introduction video / lecture videos using iSpring Free Cam

· Share learning resources and OER using file, folder, page, book and URL modules

· Explore Moodle mobile app functionality

· Track student engagement and learning progress

A two-week course on Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education provides educators, administrators, and IT professionals with an in-depth understanding of AI's transformative potential in academic settings. Participants will explore AI's fundamental concepts, including machine learning, natural language processing, and neural networks, tailored explicitly towards educational applications.  

Introduction to AI Tools for Public Relations




This 2-week intensive course delves into the cutting-edge integration of Artificial intelligence within the Public Relations sector, equipping professionals and students with the necessary insights and hands-on experience to transform their communication strategies. The learners will explore AI-driven analytics, content creation, and stakeholder engagement. Additionally, the curriculum includes ethical considerations, crisis management enhancements, and predictive media monitoring, ensuring that the learners master both the operational and strategic applications of AI in public relations.  This course is designed for those seeking to future-proof their skills and enhance their competitive edge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 


Immerse yourself in this comprehensive 2-week course, meticulously designed to enhance your expertise in Quality Assurance for Blended Learning and Open Educational Resources (OERs). Explore frameworks, methodologies, and tools essential for implementing high-quality blended learning experiences and integrating effective OERs. Benchmark against best practices, analyze contemporary challenges, and devise strategies to ensure the consistency, reliability, and excellence of educational offerings. Perfect for educators, instructional designers, and quality assurance personnel, this course will leave you empowered to elevate the standard of digital and blended learning within your institution.